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7 Fun and Easy Ways to Show Your Husband Love

7 Fun and Easy Ways to Show Your Husband Love

You know, marriage (and particularly a great marriage) takes a lot of effort on the part of both spouses. 

Your momma probably told you that before you got married.  Your married friends probably told you that.  Dr. Phil and Oprah certainly told you that.

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wife showing husband love

wife showing husband love


While I certainly agree with the sentiment that you have to put in the effort to learn your husband, their likes and dislikes, their moods, their fears, their quirks, their etc, etc, etc.; it doesn’t mean that building a happy and loving marriage should equate to putting in a full day’s work in the salt mines.

Marriage and finding new ways to show your husband love should be fun.  It should be the best time of your life with the one you love.  Effort – yes, hard-toiling work – no.

Remember that marriage was designed by God and is His gift to us.  Given this, I really don’t think God intended for marriage to be a burdensome draining thing.

So, what are some ways you can make sure you are having fun in your marriage and show your husband how much you love and appreciate him?   

In this post, we are going to get you started with a few of those fun and easy ideas to show your love for your guy every day.

Grab a cup of coffee and some king cake (yes I’m writing this during Mardi Gras time and the cream cheese king cakes are simply amazing) and let’s learn how to show love in fun, romantic, and attention-grabbing ways.


Fun Ways to Show Your Husband Love 

Ok, so there are probably a million funny and romantic ways that you can express love to your husband other than saying the actual words “I Love You.” Don’t get me wrong, saying “I Love You” isn’t a bad thing.  You and your hubs should be saying it often.  It’s just that in this post we are looking for the fun, non-verbal ways to say “I Love You.”

So, what are some fun ways you can express love to your fella and maybe put some of that passion back into your relationship?  


Feed Him

News flash – guys are pretty simple.  They like to eat.  Remember the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Ladies have been using this technique for years.  It worked way back then and it’ll work now.

Show your love for your guy by setting up an awesome supper for two.  Prepare his favorite meal.  Break out the real plates vs the usual paper plates.  Eat at the table so you can listen to him about this day rather than in front of the TV.  Make him the center of attention.


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Don’t Stop Flirting with Him

When you first met your husband-to-be and you wanted to get his attention, what did you do?  You flirted with him.  Before you were married and your relationship was all new and exciting, what did you do?  You flirted with him.

Again, guys aren’t overly complex creatures.  He liked it when you flirted with him then and he still likes it when you flirt with him now.  He really hasn’t changed.  The guy that fell in love with the playful smiles and the touch on the shoulder is the same guy you married.  He still likes when you flirt with him.

Make your flirting part of a game of seduction.  Send him fun and sexy texts during the workday.  Let him know that you are thinking about him.  Put a note in his wallet letting him know that you will be looking forward to seeing him that afternoon.

I don’t have to tell you how to flirt with him.  Just make it fun and exciting for both of you. 


Leave Him a Love Note 

Similar to flirting, love letters and little notes can be so much fun.  You can leave notes all over the house for him to find.  Leave him notes on the bathroom mirror.  Put notes in his computer bag.  The possibilities are endless.  You want to show him that he is always on your mind. 

Something that works well for Steve and me is just simple index cards, but you could also try these cool I love you sticky notes.  They are a great way to write a note and stick in his computer bag, on the bathroom mirror, etc.  Here is an example of one of my notes to him.  ILMH stands for I Love My Husband.  You could use the index cards to write him a series of sweet and loving I Love My Husband quotes that will really touch his heart. 

affirmation words


Love Him with a Weekend Get Away

Life is busy and sometimes we get so caught up in everything we have going on that we neglect to make time for each other.  That’s why we love to just get away.  Sometimes it’s overnight.  Sometimes it’s a day trip somewhere fun and different.  Just make plans for the two of you to get out of town.     

Think (or subtly ask him) of someplace that he has been wanting to go for a quick retreat.  You can surprise him with a trip or you can plan it together.

It doesn’t have to a super expensive and involved thing.  Just go somewhere to see and explore things together.  A little adventure for the two of you to spend some time together and connect.  

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Dance Party

When was the last time you and your husband danced together?

We dance together all the time and it is always fun for us.  Put on some music while you are waiting for supper to get ready and you have a dance party for two.  

We have one of those neat assistant things.  You can just walk in the kitchen and say “Play some Barry White.” (or whatever you want to dance to) and we just dance together in the kitchen.  Sometimes it’s Barry White, but sometimes we pick something a little more upbeat and silly.   

In this case, it’s lady’s choice.  Slow dance, fast dance, silly dance, break dance – it doesn’t matter.  Just have fun with your husband.  You will probably look really goofy, but you’re in the privacy of your own home.  Who cares if you look (and feel) silly, just have fun (and get a little cardio in while you are at it 🙂 )


Rent Him His Favorite Movie

What was a movie your guy loved as a kid or a movie that you both enjoyed, but haven’t seen in a long time?  Maybe there is one he’s been wanting to see but just hasn’t made the time to see it.  Show him some love by thinking of what he would like to do and plan it all out for him.  

Go find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime, pop some corn (or whatever his favorite snack is), and wrap up on the couch together.  Put your phones away so you won’t be distracted by Instagram and just enjoy being together.   


Reminisce Together

Turn off the TV, put your phones away (so you won’t be distracted by that group text message chain that goes on for hours), and just reminisce about when you met, your first date, that goofy thing you said in front of his parents, whatever.

Just spend some time connecting and sharing a few smiles with him.  Ask him about his day or even better ask him what you can do to make him feel more loved.   


Final Thoughts on Fun Ways to Show Your Husband Love

The point of all this is to look for ways to show your love for your husband and to connect with him.  Have some fun together and just let him know how much you love him and how much your relationship means to you.

Marriages do require a lot of effort, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, too. 

Remember that if you aren’t growing closer together, you are growing farther apart.  Find ways to break out of the day-to-day routine and spice things up a bit.  Find ways to be thoughtful and considerate.

Until next time,

Anne and Steve

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