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About Us

Hi! Welcome to LifeLoveandBlog!!

We are Anne and Steve and we’re the founders of LifeLoveandBlog.com.

We understand that building a successful marriage takes a lot of effort on the part of both spouses, but we want to provide you with resources to make your journey a little easier.

Whether you are looking to improve your marriage communication, create a stronger connection with your spouse, learn your love languages, or just need help expressing how you feel; we aim to provide you with the tools to help you and your spouse build your best marriage. 

Our Mission

The Mission of LifeLoveandBlog is to provide marriage advice, resources, and encouragement to those looking to strengthen their marriage.

Our Credentials

Our credentials for offering marriage advice don’t come from formal marriage and family training, but rather years spent as a husband and a wife.

We have done some things in marriage really well and some things not so well, but we have lived and learned. 

Experience is often the best teacher and between the two of us, we have experienced a lot.

Through hard conversations, prayer, and committed effort to each other we have built an amazing marriage.

We aim to pass what we have learned on to you the reader.

What you will find in LifeLoveandBlog

In LifeLoveandBlog, you will find resources on Marriage Advice, Learning the Love Languages of you and your spouse, and insightful quotes on Marriage and Love. 

Marriage Advice

Some recent posts regarding marriage advice include:

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Learn the Love Languages

Some recent posts regarding learning the five love languages include:

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Love and Marriage Quotes

We hope that you find LifeLoveandBlog helpful to your marriage, to your spouse, and to your own pursuit of happiness. 

If you do, please leave us a note and share our posts on social media.

Thanks for reading! 

Steve and Anne