Are you interested in saving money on laundry detergent?  Does it seem like the price of laundry detergent keeps going up but the quality of what you’re paying for is going down?  I highly recommend making your own laundry detergent. 

I started making my own laundry detergent several years ago.  I initially became interested in doing this when I spoke with my daughter-in-law, Joanna, who sold me on the idea and now I’m hooked!  Steve has also commented on how much he likes the fragrance.

My daughter, Jenna, also loves this homemade laundry detergent so much that when she moved into her own place, she refused to buy the store bought version and wanted to come over to the house and make laundry detergent together.  How’s that for a testament of this stuff!

Why do we love it so much?  First, it just works better!  I didn’t believe it at first but it’s true.  My guess is that it’s because there are no fillers like to store bought versions.  It cleans and freshens the dirtiest, stinkiest laundry!

Second, the cost is so low it will make you think, “why did I ever waste so much money on laundry detergent?” So many of us feel that we’re so busy, we just don’t have to time to make our own anything and we go for the convenience of it.  I completely understand!  But once you make a batch, and notice how much longer it lasts, you’ll be glad you took the time to make it.

Third, again, it lasts for so long!  One batch will last 2 people for at least a year.  You’ll only use about 2 tablespoons per load of laundry.  We’re still using our last batch and it was made 14 months ago.  And at the rate we’re going, we’ll probably get another 2-3 months out of it.

Now aren’t you ready to try this?

Laundry Recipe Ingredients:

76-oz box of Borox

3-lb tub of OxiClean (or generic)

55-oz box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Suds

4-lb box of Arm & Hammer baking soda (or generic), find this is the baking section of your store

2 bars of Zote soap (I love the pink because of the fragrance)

18-oz bottle of Purex crystals (optional, but I use it because it smells great)

Large container big enough to hold 2 gallons of detergent PLUS room for mixing (I use a 15-quart plastic storage container with a locking lid)

A scoop (I use a coffee scoop, perfect because it holds exactly 2 tablespoons)

A food processor is a must in my opinion!  I have used a cheese grater in the past but it makes this project much more time-consuming & monotonous so I decided I would give in, go to Walmart, and buy the cheapest food processor they had to offer. Thank goodness I made that decision!


  1. Pour the Super Washing Soda, OxiClean, Borax, and Purex Crystals (if using) into your large container.  Give it a stir with a large spoon.
  2. Cut the Zote soap in half lengthwise.
  3. Use the shredding disc for your food processor.  Feed each slice of soap into the food processor.  It should resemble shredded cheese.  Empty the shredded soap into a large bowl, and continue shredding the soap until your done.
  4. Now switch out the shredding blade with the regular blade.  Fill the processor about 3/4 full with the shredded soap and add about 1/4 cup baking soda.  Pulse until it forms a fine powder.  If the mixture starts to clump, add more baking soda.   Add this mixture to your large container that holds your other ingredients.
  5. Repeat this procedure until you’re out of shredded soap.
  6. Pour any leftover baking soda into your large container as well.
  7. Stir, stir, stir.

For HE washers:  I’ve been using this detergent in my HE washer for over 3 years and I’ve never had a problem. I always put the detergent into the drum, and not the dispenser!  Then, I add the clothes to the drum. I highly recommend you do the same.

For most loads of laundry, I use 1 scoop (that is, 2 tablespoons).  If you have a heavily soiled or extra smelly load, feel free to add an extra scoop.  It won’t harm the clothes to add extra!


Cost as of 2017 (per Walmart prices):

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda$2.24
Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda  $3.97
20 Mule Team Borax $3.97
Zote Soap (2)$1.94
Purex Crystals $2.97

If you can find a generic version of the above ingredients, you could save even more money.  But I have not steered from this recipe, so I just don’t know if there would be a difference in the cleaning power results.  If you happen to try the generic brands, let me know how they perform.

So $22.71 for at least a year’s worth of laundry detergent for 2 people.  Still hard to believe, right?  If you have a larger family and do more loads than we do, you are still saving money even if you get an 8-month supply of detergent.  I wish I knew how many actual loads of laundry this batch makes but it has to be a lot!  Next time I make a batch, I will keep track for a month, then multiply by 12 to come up with a good estimate.

Until next time, God Bless and Love Your Life

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