About Us


Welcome to our blog, LifeLoveandBlog!

Our goal in creating LifeLoveandBlog is to change our lives as well as inspire change in those within our reach.  We want us all to learn how to Love Our Lives more by focusing on how we live, how we love, how we serve others, and how we handle our finances.  We believe that we should never be satisfied with our station in life and always looking for ways to grow.      

Anne and I were married in May 2010.  We are a blended family of three boys, one girl, and two (soon to be three) grandees, three cats, one dog, and one goldfish named Punch.  The blending of families and lives has certainly been a real roller coaster at times, but we have learned to strengthen our relationship with each turn.  

There have been a lot of laughs and tears, good times and bad times, but we’re thankful for each and every lesson that God has taught us along the way.  Our deepest prayer is that we may provide encouragement to others who may be traveling a similar journey.         

We have a passion for each other and our family, traveling and seeing new and exciting places together, exploring new restaurants, trying new recipes, spending time at farmers markets, being debt free, and doing the most with the blessings that God has provided.  If those are of interest to you, then we hope you will join us.     

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!  

Steve and Anne